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A community of actors, actresses, artists, authors, business personalities, celebrities, choreographers, content creators, dancers, designers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, models, make-up artists, professionals, singers, TikToker, youtubers, and many more…

For those of you who are new to Dreamy Reality, a warm Welcome! And for those of you, who have been with me for a while, thanks for your support over the years. You are who have made all of these possible (and so much fun!).

We are on a mission to build an inclusive and vibrant online community of passionate individuals, where a sense of belonging thrives, and mutual growth and support flourish. Our platform is designed to bring like-minded people together, fostering an environment of encouragement and collaboration.

As part of our commitment, we focus on empowering young talents in Nepal. Our aim is to provide them with a nurturing ground, helping them refine their skills and passions. Through various initiatives and programs, we offer the necessary support and resources to pursue their dreams. Our vision extends beyond borders, as we aspire to see the talents of Nepal shine and sparkle on international platforms. With our online platform, we strive to showcase the immense potential and creativity of Nepalese talents to the world, creating opportunities for them to thrive and make a global impact.

Join us on this inspiring journey of growth, learning, and camaraderie, as we collectively work towards uplifting talents, building meaningful connections, and making a positive difference in the world. Together, let’s unleash the true potential of Nepal’s budding talents and celebrate their success on the global stage.

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Featured Personalities

Special Members

Miss Oshima Banu is the founder and the CEO of House of Fashion. She is also the winner of Face of Classic Diamond 2012. House Of Fashion Nepal has been conducting workshops frequently to give a platform for the upcoming youths to learn and explore the better version of themselves.

Mr. Seshraj Bhattarai is the director of Orbit International Education, one of the oldest and leading establishments in the industry of Abroad Study and Test Preparation Courses in Nepal. He is the Vice President of ECAN, Nepal’s largest educational-related association which has been demonstrating a profound impact on the international education climate in Nepal.

Miss. Melissa Fernandez is a neuroscience nerd, professional speaker, and author of “Thank you, Next.” She is very passionate about reducing the divorce rate, depression and helping busy women lose weight without having to meal prep and count calories. She is the founder of Rediscover You and is currently based in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Mr. Udhav Bahadur Khadka is the Executive Chairman of Hub International Education and Trading Hub, Managing Director of Indoworld Education Consultancy and Farak Initiatives Pvt. Ltd. and Founder/CEO of Hub Professional Services. He is currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Miss. Nahatai Lekbumrung is an actress, model and business women currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. She started her acting career from movie Bar Paradise in year 2005. Her other movies were Noo Hin: The Movie in year 2006 and Fighting Beat in year 2007. She is the Co-Founder and Owner of Hi’ Seoul Clinic, Medicorp Asia Co. Ltd. and Joh Wa Yo Clinic. She is also the CEO of Instyle International Co. Ltd. and Miss Supranational Thailand.

Mr. Aryan is the Managing Director of Once Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., Executive Director of Force Media and Research Center, President at Olive Nepal, Asia Secretary at FIODS IFBDO, Financial Secretary at International Youth Committee and Executive Member at ECAN. He is currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Miss Samantha Zhang is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, modelling expert and social activist guru from Haikou, China. She is the Founder / CEO of Lucas and Lucia, Future Generation Kids Catwalk School and Studio Runway. She is currently based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Mr. Patrick Hong is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fat Loss Specialist from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the Host of Think Inspire Podcast, Owner / Head Coach at Always Training, Author at Black Card Books and Personal Trainer at Dreamteam Fitness. He is currently based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Mrs. Sabita Dhakal is an actress, communicator, and business women who is currently running a boutique business, which focuses on women wears. She the former Director of Jay Nepal International, host of program Subha Prabhat, Paridishya in NTV, and Adha Akash in Nepal One. She is currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Mr Padam Shakya is the Advisor for Guthi Australia, Nepalese Australian Association, Gorkha Nepalese Community, NRNA and many more. He is currently based in Sydney, Australia.

Anka is the Senior Financial Planner at Freedom Finance Australia, currently based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Mr. Suraj Rajbhandari is the Chief Executive Officer of Nepal International Education Consultancy (NIEC). He is currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Mrs. Arati Chalise is an engineering graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Kathmandu Engineering College and a Master Degree in Engineering from University of Technology Sydney (UTS), currently based in Sydney, Australia. She is currently working as an IT Assurance Analyst at Western Sydney University.

Mr. Saurav Ranjit is an engineering graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication from Kathmandu Engineering College, a Master’s Degree in Remote Sensing and GIS from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and a PhD in Engineering from The University of Tokyo, Japan. He is currently based in Tokyo, Japan and is working as an engineering and researcher at LocationMind Inc.

Mrs. Anjana Shrestha Vaidya is an architect with a Bachelor’s degree in Architect from Kathmandu Engineering College and a Master Degree in Sustainable Social Development from IOE, Pulchowk Campus, currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal. She is currently working as Principal Architect at Sustainable Building Design Nepal and Assistant professor at IOE, Pulchowk Campus.

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