Do you feel like you're not living up to your potential and your deepest desires?

Saying “someday I will…” when you know you’re meant for something greater now?

Welcome to our course, “Discovering the Real You,” where you will uncover your inner talents, ignite your passions, and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. Our program will equip you with the skill sets necessary to stand out from the crowd, become work-ready, and seize boundless opportunities in life. Uncover the depths of your true self and unlock your full potential.

Learning is a journey; it’s not an event or series of events and should not seize just because you have reached a certain level of experience or even due to age. Learning should be an ongoing process throughout a professional career to become competitive and work-ready. Professionals in all fields have always acknowledged the importance of learning new knowledge to improve skills and developing personal qualities as a part of good professional practice. 

Why this course?

The ‘why’ is important when it comes to career and personal development? It isn’t until we have a better understanding of the ‘why’ that we finally begin to start caring about the ‘what,’ ‘how,’ and ‘what’s next?’ 

The course has been designed after 15,000+ hours of research on career planning, goal setting, talents, passion, billionaires’ advice, entrepreneurship, and the art of life. 

What will you learn?

Through this course, the students will learn the tools and techniques required to identify their inner talents and utilize them for personal growth. The course will help them to understand more about their passion and equip them with the guidelines to make a passion into a profession. The skill sets that the students will learn from this course will help them to make a meaningful contribution to their team, workplace, and society. 

Course Content

Every one of us is born blessed by birth and is unique in many ways. We believe that every individual is born with their own set of strengths and abilities, making them unique. Our course will guide you in identifying and developing your talents, enabling you to reach your full potential.

Passion and Purpose:
Passion is the fuel that drives success and happiness. We will help you find your passion, enabling you to wake up excited for each day and achieve your goals with ease.

Our course will equip you with the skills and mindset required to become a successful entrepreneur. We will teach you how to generate innovative and creative ideas, make an impact in the new market, and succeed in your business.

Dream Planning:
Clarity is power; the clearer you are about what you want, the more likely you are to achieve it. A clear vision is a must; a strong understanding of what you want to create, the outcomes you want to achieve, and the goals you want to set. We will provide you with the tools to plan your footsteps and achieve your dreams.

Success and Happiness:
Every one of us is here for a reason, and we are all unique in our own ways. We can all add value to society on our own terms. Our course will provide you with the mindsets required to help you define your own success and find your happiness.

Key Takeaways

  • Creativity and communication skills
  • Critical thinking and logical judgment
  • Social responsibility and moral values
  • Self-discipline and identification of individual talents
  • Skill sets required for the working environment

Admission Process
The Application process has four main levels:

  1. Submission – Submit of Application form with all necessary documents.
  2. Evaluation – The application form is then evaluated by the admission committee and students are asked to come for the interview.
  3. Interview – The interview process would help us to know more about the student’s personality, interests, and achievements.
  4. Selection – Successful students will be informed about their acceptance at All About Dream.

Entry Requirement

  • 10+2 completion and above
  • Above 60% in academics
  • Good written and spoken English

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