Priya Limbu Maden


Miss Priya Limbu Maden is a model, business women currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

About Priya

She is a very resilient, tenacious, authentic and optimistic girl with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Thames International College, Tribhuwan University.
As a person she is someone who believes in the story of a phoenix bird that rises from its own ashes, no matter how much time it dies. With her kind heart, she loves to help people who are in need and aims to bring positive change in the life of Nepalese with her works.
She is passionate about influencing people through communication and creating an impact on the lives of people and her surroundings. She loves to keep herself updated with current fashion trends and participate in fashion related events.
For Priya, life is like a beautiful journey where she feels as she is walking in her treasure quest, so wants to achieve all the hidden treasures in her life. She wants to be remembered for her work and for all the small efforts, she could make to bring positive change on people’s lives and wellbeing.

Besides her modeling career, she has participated in many beauty pageants holding title as Miss Model Quest International Nepal 2016 and Miss Mongol Nepal 2021-1st Runner-up.

She is a humanitarian who believes we as humans are the superior of all the living beings, so we must leave our mark and impact either more or less, so that our existence would be worth than other being.
In her leisure time she keeps herself occupied in understanding people’s ideologies, exploring new things, spending time with family and living in the present.
For all the new coming generations and youngsters, she says, “Just work hard, dream big and always stay focused on your goal. Make sure to believe in yourself and learn to have patience in life. Don’t forget to keep moving towards your dream no matter what comes in your way. In life, you are given a role so it’s your duty to portray your true character with full responsibility, you must remember that you might fall or might break but always remember to stand up and move on because life goes on. Live your life to the fullest.”
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