Phiroj Shyangden

Singer | Guitarist | Composer | Song Writer

Mr. Phiroj Shyangden is a respected and well-known singer, guitarist, composer, songwriter of Nepal currently based in New York, USA.

About Phiroj

He is the founding member of the band 1974 AD and The Original Duo. An artist blessed with a heart-touching voice that can easily mesmerize his audience every time they listen to his songs.

Mr. Phiroj Shyangden was 25 when he started 1974 AD with bassist Nirakar Yajktumba and drummer Bhanu Ahamed in the year 1994. After the formation of the band, they released their first debut album “Time Out”, in 1996, with the release of the album their first song titled, “Mayalue” became a sensational hit song across the nation. Later Adrian Pradhan, Manoj K.C, and Sanjay Shrestha joined 1974 AD to complete the band.

The songs titled Parelima, Samjhi Baschu, Gurasai Phulyo, Choubandi Choli, Timilai Piratile Badhula, and Hijo Matra were very much loved by his listeners.
Mr. Shyangden is a very polite, humble, warm-hearted, and ground-to-earth personality. Apart from playing guitar and singing, he is very interested in guitar carvings, teaching music, and calligraphy. He is one of the most influential music artists who has changed the course of the Nepali music scene for good and has inspired many other musicians who are active today.

For newcomers, he says, “Practice, practice, and practice – that’s what it takes to be a successful artist.”

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