Feedback from Bhaskar

His words in his own voice, “Amrit has this uncanny knack of making you at ease. You approach him with problems; you come out with oodles of solution. Amrit breathes optimism. I’ve known him for 10 years now and when he had this idea of counseling I was fortunate enough to be in his list of people he wanted to seek ideas from. I visited him expecting a brainstorming session of collecting information and ideas along the way. One thing led to another and I opened out my heart to him. The impression he made to me was profound. This was the first time in years I met him after he came back from New Zealand completing his degree in IT. And the way he went about giving me advices on some stuff that was bothering me had me hooked for over an hour.

I asked him how come a technical guy has so much to offer as a counselor, have newfound ambition in life to help others. Then I learnt that he had been going about his task for quite some time now, spending countless hours listening to motivational speakers and reading every book he could find on the subject of self-help. I came out from his office invigorated. It was as if all the potential energy that was in my reservoir eager to get converted into kinetic energy urging me to start doing something immediately, take action in life. I wish him good luck in his incessant effort to bring smiles to the saddened hearts, fill optimism in pessimistic mind, give purpose to aimless wanderer, and give proper career advice to the confused yet ambitious soul. Meet this guy once is what I suggest.”

Thank you,
Bhaskar Joshi

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