Rushi with her voice

How is new life feeling after this earthquake, and what do we have to understand now?

I am in London but the earthquake has surely affected every Nepalese here mentally. People are restless, doing whatever they can by sending cargo, donating necessary items, collecting funds, some has even set up charity organisation dedicated to earthquake in Nepal and whatever we are doing still feels insufficient. Personally, I have learnt that when this kind of disaster occurs, you see the reality of life which is so fragile. Every moment is a fine line between life and death. On the other hand, I also realized that I am so selfish, I reacted this way when it happened to my countrymen, my family, my friends whereas these incident happen all around the world everyday and for that I only feel sorry and pray for them. So it has taught me, we need to seek the purpose of our life and live it to the fullest, be kind to each other and help each and everyone in every way possible.

Well things are always complicated, there is never right or wrong it’s how we perceive but definitely it’s time people to be aware and unite. Here, we have been sending aids and collecting money for development of Nepal. Everyone is concerned, some are putting greater efforts while some are again busy with their work and life.

I would say it’s better to target young generation because I see huge potentials in youngsters in Nepal the way they were taking initiative and helping others. Human nature! But it’s time for Nepal and Nepalese to change

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