Shristi Maharjan wins the title of Miss Star Universe 2023

Shristi Maharjan, a 22-year-old Nepali contestant, won the Miss Star Universe 2023 beauty pageant held at Hotel Bristol in Dubai. The competition was intense as participants from 19 countries around the world showcased their talents. Shristi stood out with her exceptional performance and undeniable charm, which led her to win the prestigious title.

In addition to being crowned “Miss Star Universe 2023,” Shristi also secured two other notable awards during the competition: “Miss Gorgeous” and “Miss Pride of Star Universe.”

Her words...

Expressing her elation and gratitude upon winning the title of “Miss Star Universe 2023,” Shristi shared, “Participating in this competition with the sole aim of claiming the title was both thrilling and nerve-wracking. The preparation and hard work paid off, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to represent my country on an international stage.”

She is very passionate about dance, modeling, and music. She started her path to success by participating as one of the top five contestants on the well-known television show called “Boogie Woogie Nepal.” Not only is she a talented dancer, but she also shares her skills as a teacher at the Nepa Dance Academy.

Notably, another Nepali contestant, Joya Budhathoki, participated in the “Mrs. Star Universe 2023” program and received the esteemed “Mrs. Beautiful Body” award, adding to Nepal’s triumphs in the global beauty pageant arena.

The Indo International Fashion Carnival and Awards 2023 impeccably organized this grand event, which not only celebrated beauty but also showcased the diverse talent and culture from around the world. The competition provided a platform for fashion make-up artist Rashmi Shrestha and businesswoman Parinda Shrestha ‘Pari,’ who received well-deserved recognition in their respective categories.

Shristi Maharjan’s victory in the “Miss Star Universe 2023” beauty pageant has undoubtedly made Nepal proud and honored. As she begins this new journey, the country eagerly looks forward to her representing Nepal on the global stage and wishes her ongoing success in all her future endeavors.

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